The Safety of Cryptologic

If Cryptologic software didn't exist, the industry of online gaming would be completely different today. Thanks to their achievements when it comes to merchant accounts of casinos and safe eCash processing, Cryptologic set a precedent for secure and safe hosting in gambling environments online. Out of every online casino with Cryptologic, however, InterCasino would probably be the most famous stand-alone one.


  • Serving more than a million clients within hundreds of nations all over the world, Cryptologic's mission includes checked integrity and technological innovation. This company is also linked with steadfast research in technology and it keeps promoting formidable hurdles to account hacking and online pirating, as well. Some of these devices are the eCash Plug-in and the eCash Application, which puts Cryptologic's self-developed decryption and encryption algorithms to use. These safe applications are even made to optimize communication speed and efficiency between its server and the clients' personal computers - a foundation only found in Cryptologic.
  • Every Cryptologic-powered online casino is audited by month through independent firms of auditing, including the top authority audits of gambling software and the verification of game fairness. Reviews are made through examination processes of game results throughout an entire month. The data files of online casinos are then logged by Cryptologic software onto computer systems of the casinos, which are used to correlate all of the betting amounts against the real winning payout amounts.
  • This means that the wheel's payout percentage will stand at 97%, meaning that this percentage of the roulette bets over a single month are awarded with every win. How such winnings get paid off are, in turn, governed by RNGs. By reaching this acceptable percentage of payouts, the auditors are also able to verify whether these RNGs operate according to the standards of game fairness.

Additionally, even though these numbers don't necessarily reflect each game's payout at certain times, they do make sure that the games stay unpredictable and fair.

The Features of Cryptologic

The Cryptologic software has various casino games, such as slots and table games that are available as Flash or as downloads with the same intensive graphics either way. The software also features 3-D settings where virtual players can walk in casino lobbies to join new games and chat with other players - a very new approach in the world of interactive gaming; that's for sure. In fact, games can be played with multiple players and several even feature big progressive jackpots.

Other player interface features include customizable game table settings, slot machine sounds and sights, atmospheric voices, table limits, and bet sizes. Plus, every game exists in different languages and currencies to suit every player's preferences.

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